The debut novel from Bailey L Joyce is available to purchase through Amazon worldwide.

“What started as an act became a perfect cover story.”


Piper Sullivan’s plan on finishing her bachelor’s degree at home in Newfoundland is uprooted when she is recruited by an American University to play on their woman’s basketball team, a lifelong dream of hers. Piper quickly adjusts to life on her own while managing the big city life, responsibilities as a proficient student and dedicated athlete.

Talent may have brought her to New York but pure luck presented Parker Michaelson, an up and coming actor making waves in the Hollywood scene who introduces her into a seductive word of wealth and fame. Piper struggles to have the two worlds co-exist and to maintain a steady personal, emotional and moral compass. That was until a simple request of escorting Parker to one of his press events began a smouldering romance that crafted an interwoven web of hidden lies and blatant truths.

Read the first four chapters here: Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three