Remember the Heat of the Sun in the Dark of Night

My page has been sitting silent and I know some people are starting to ask when the next blog will reveal itself. My only issue is, I have no will nor ambition to write. It's as if the words have dissipated from my mind. For those who are just tuning into this blog and do … Continue reading Remember the Heat of the Sun in the Dark of Night

A WIP (Work in Progress)

It all began in my sister in law’s family room. Four generations gathered from each side of her family for my niece’s baptism. It was after dinner as we all sat in the living room partaking in our nightcaps when my ears perked up to hear my husband’s grandmother recount a story of when her … Continue reading A WIP (Work in Progress)

Fuelling your inner fire

December 2016, I sat back after an unusually laid back Christmas Day that I worked weeks on to prepare for my family. As my children played with their mountain of toys from generous family and friends, my husband enjoying a nightcap while saving a distant planet from tyranny in his latest video game and my … Continue reading Fuelling your inner fire